Product Training Courses

Regular training courses on our software solutions are conducted by expert TeleResources engineers. All attendees receive a comprehensive manual inclusive of workshop exercises. Numbers on these courses are restricted to ensure that each attendee receives individual attention.

"An excellent course. The exercises and examples were able to be massaged to utilise our data. This gave meaning to the training. We were very happy with the trainer and the follow-up support."

John Cashion
Communications Services, Tasmania Police

SignalPro® and Signal™ Training Courses

Learn to use your planning software effectively and efficiently by attending an TeleResources training seminar. This two-day session covers SignalPro® and SIGNAL™. The session offers training on basic software use as well as valuable tips and in- sights to help with specific industry requirements.

This course may be conducted at our premises, on-site or by webinar and covers the following topics:

  • Propagation modeling & methods
  • Map projections & terrain/building database use
  • Overview of program(s)
  • Point-to-point link analysis
  • Mapping & display
  • Area studies & export features (Google Earth, MapInfo)
  • Signal strength methods(s):
    - MLS
    - BER
    - Remote to Base
    - C/I ratio
    - Delay spread
    - Multi-point
  • Review of previous subjects
  • Point and route studies
  • Printing and plotting
  • Demographic & measurement data studies
  • Antenna analysis/directional antenna pattern construction & use
  • Utility functions
  • Study process time optimization
  • Case studies
  • Open-ended topics

Atoll™ Training Courses

Two types of user training can be provided: User (U) and Advanced Courses (A). Advanced courses are dedicated to people who will manage the project settings, administrate the database(s) (radio, geographic, calculation), define the user configurations, establish the Atoll protocol and processes in their company, etc.

User courses are dedicated to people who will use Atoll for planning activities according to the guidelines and recommendations established by these 'administrators'.

Advanced courses introduce advanced modeling and settings whereas User courses are more practically oriented. Advanced courses complement User courses, therefore User courses are prerequisites for Advanced courses.

Courses may be conducted on-site or by webinar.

  • A10 - Atoll Administration (2 days)
  • E10U - Atoll GSM + UMTS Essentials (3 days)
  • G10U - Atoll GSM (4 days)
  • G20U - Atoll UMTS (4 days)
  • G30U - Atoll CDMA2K (4 days)
  • G40U - Atoll WiMAX (4 days)
  • G50U - Atoll LTE (4 days)
  • G90U - Atoll Microwave Links (3 days)
  • T2U - Atoll UMTS HSPA Features (2 days)
  • T12A - Atoll AFP GSM (1 day)
  • T20A - Settings and Algorithms in the UMTS HSPA Module (1 day)
  • T50U - Atoll LTE Features (2 days)
  • T60A - Atoll Measurements & Model Calibration (1 day)
  • T84U - Atoll ACP (Any technology) (1 day)