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Theta Networks tackles Mobile Broadband monitoring and optimization

21 May, 2009 - To help operators address the growth of Mobile Broadband, Theta Networks has just released Bro@dMAX, a comprehensive solution for monitoring, analyzing and optimizing subscribers’ data traffic over mobile networks.

Mobile Broadband usage has been increasing tremendously, creating new opportunities and new lines of income for many mobile network operators. The problematic side of this growth is that in many cases there is a lack of network visibility that prevents proper monitoring of this rise in data traffic. Without this visibility, it is difficult to manage major issues such as network congestion, poor connectivity, and low throughput. Bro@dMAX is capable of bridging this gap, allowing mobile network operators to instantly improve their subscribers’ Mobile Broadband QoE(Quality of Experience) by immediately detecting and reacting to problems in the network.

“As Mobile Broadband grows rapidly, mobile network operators need a way to adapt to the massive increase in data traffic by understanding precisely how their subscribers perceive the services they use” said Steve Zhu, CEO of Theta Networks. “Traditional monitoring systems are not going to be able to meet the needs of operators anymore, and that is why DPI is becoming a necessity these days”.

Bro@dMAX builds off the user-friendly interface found in all Theta solutions and adds a number of reports, statistics, and KPIs that address the major issues associated with Mobile Broadband optimization such as throughput, radio round trip time, HTTP and DNS performance, and user connectivity. The product is powered by advanced DPI technology and is meant to be used by mobile network operators to gain a new level of insight into the status of their network.

Bro@dMAX can be used by operators for reporting, network testing, troubleshooting, customer profiling, and customer care campaigns. Common issues, such as poor connectivity for subscribers in important areas, can be detected and tackled from a whole new angle with Bro@dmax. This product approaches issues from a quality of experience point of view, and aims to give operators an in-depth look into their subscriber’s behavior to help them make the right decisions.

“We recognize that mobile broadband is an industry changing trend and here at Theta Networks we are committed to helping operators deliver the innovative services and achieve the higher revenues now possible with high speed mobility” said Joe Miller, Theta Networks Vice President. “Accordingly, we have dedicated ourselves to this new product, because by facilitating the creation of high-margin broadband services we are helping mobile broadband reach its full potential.”

About Theta Networks –

With established offices in New Jersey USA, Beijing China and in São Paulo Brazil, Theta Networks has been a pioneer in applying Deep Packet Technology to mobile data network management. This technology proves ideal for monitoring and optimizing Quality of Experience for end-users, solving provisioning problems, gathering business intelligence, protecting networks from mobile viruses, deploying new services, and significantly increasing operator revenues. Theta Networks has a long track record of network performance improvements and revenue generation, working with many of the leading operators and vendors in the world.