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Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Market Opportunities and Challenges

March 2013

Pages: 36

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Keywords: SDN, Software Defined Networking


An approach to building computer networks that separates and abstracts elements of these systems, Software Defined Networking (SDN) allows system administrators to rapidly provision network connections in mechanized fashion rather than manually configuring.

In software architecture terms, SDN requires some method for the Control Plane to communicate with the Data Plane. One such mechanism is OpenFlow which is a standard interface for controlling computer networking switches.

This report evaluates SDN, OpenFlow, and other related tools, procedures and mechanisms. It includes analysis of SDN versus other approaches, the impacts on existing vendors, and the future market potential for various approaches.

See Table of Contents for complete list of areas covered.

Report Benefits

• Identify the current benefits of SDN and its anticipated future
• Understand vendor solutions, comparative analysis, and benefits
• Identify the future of the SDN market including how it will evolve over the next five years
• Understand major vendors threats with respect to SDN and how they must adjust their plans


  • Telecom companies
  • Software developers
  • IT support companies
  • Integration companies
  • Application developers

Companies in Report

Amazon Web Services, AT&T, Big Switch Networks, Cariden, Cisco, Contrail, eBay, Google, Juniper, Meraki, Midokura, Nicira. Open Networking Foundation (ONF), Pica8, Plexxi, Pluribus , Networks, Rackspace, vCider, Verizon, VMware

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • SDN Models
  • SDN Tools and Techniques
  • OpenFlow
  • Network Virtualization Platform (NVP)
  • SDN Market Applications
  • SDN and Services in the Cloud
  • Virtual Networking
  • Virtual Storage
  • Aggegation and Pooling Solutions
  • Data Center Consolidation and SDN
  • SDN Start-Up Analysis
  • Midokura
  • General Overview
  • Company Profile and Information
  • Solutions Analysi
  • Nicira
  • General Overview
  • Company Profile and Information
  • Solutions Analysis
  • Contrail
  • General Overview
  • Company Profile and Information
  • Solutions Analysis
  • Pluribus Networks
  • General Overview
  • Company Profile and Information
  • Solution Analysis
  • Pica8
  • General Overview
  • Company Profile and Information
  • Solution Analysis
  • Plexxi
  • General Overview
  • Company Profile and Information
  • Solution Analysis
  • SDN Vendor Solutions
  • Market Threats for SDN
  • SDN Juniper’s Solutions
  • SDN Cisco’s Solutions
  • Big Switch Network’s Partnerships
  • SDN Vendor Comparisons
  • Vendor Strategies
  • Cisco Acquisitions in the SDN Market
  • Juniper Acquisitions in the SDN Market
  • SDN Market Analysis (2013-2017)
  • Market Growth Drivers
  • The SDN Effect
  • Current Market Status
  • SDN Market Forecast by Solutions
  • SDN Switching
  • SDN Controllers
  • SDN Security
  • SDN Market Forecast by Users
  • SDN for Carriers

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Network Virtualization Platform Diagram
  • Figure 2: Virtual Storage
  • Figure 3: Software-Defined Networking and Cloud Infrastructure Data Center Consolidation
  • Figure 4: MidoNet Solution
  • Figure 5: Nicira NVP Solution
  • Figure 6: Cisco SDN Solution