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TrueCall enables operators to visualise LTE networks in real time

February 8, 2011 – Newfield Wireless® announced today the release of its flagship software suite, TrueCall®, for LTE networks. Operators can now use TrueCall to visualize their on-air LTE network in real time. This core capability enables an operator to assess network performance and understand subscriber experience while reducing their dependence on drive tests.

"Working with long-term customers that are also early LTE adopters has given us an opportunity to be the first to market with a visualization tool,” said Marc Bensadoun, chief executive officer, Newfield Wireless. "TrueCall is the first LTE network visualization application delivering maps showing demand, throughput and user equipment performance.”

TrueCall enables operators to visualize their network and improve subscriber experience. It is the only real-time call network visualization application with drill-down capabilities to individual calls making it extremely beneficial to performance engineers, customer service and marketing. An operator deploying an LTE network or overlay can generate maps and correlated reports based on network elements, a user-defined area or by handset model. To better understand the end-user experience and deliver customer support, TrueCall also generates subscriber reports by individual or by call events for a selected period of time.