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Forsk Announces CrossWave, a New Propagation Model for Atoll

Oct. 08, 2010- Forsk will distribute and support the Atoll version of the propagation model developed by Orange Labs, under the name of ‘CrossWave'.

The propagation model developed by Orange Labs is a high performance easy-to-tune pre-calibrated propagation model, which has been used within the Orange Group for many years. It supports all wireless technologies and all types of environments, from rural to dense urban areas.

Forsk and Orange Labs have been working together for several months to make the propagation model developed by Orange Labs available to the Atoll users’ community.

Orange Labs has generated CrossWave with the Atoll Software Development Kit (SDK) which has been used in a number of similar successful integrations.

About Forsk

Forsk is an independent company providing radio planning and optimisation software products since 1987. Atoll, Forsk’s flagship product, is a leading radio planning and optimisation software, with more than 4000 licenses and 200 customers in 70 countries. Forsk markets Atoll through its offices in France, USA and China and a world-wide network of distributors and partners.