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EDX Wireless introduces Smart Grid planning tool

EDX Wireless releases SignalPro v7.3 including advanced automated mesh network planning module for Smart Grid systems

Eugene, OR, June 8, 2010 – EDX Wireless, a recognized leader for RF planning tools, announces EDX® SignalPro® v7.3 with the Advanced Mesh Planning module for Smart Grid networks. This release introduces a new Large Scale Mesh Systems module that is tailored for Smart Grid AMI systems of up to 200,000 smart meters in one project.

As part of EDX's commitment to innovation, the expanded SignalMX® Module allows Electric Utilities, Smart Grid Vendors and System Integrators to efficiently plan, deploy, and optimize large scale mesh and AMI networks at every point in the system lifecycle. This ensures proper dimensioning and cost analysis, the most efficient network architecture, lowest cost deployment, and highly reliable operation.

In addition, version 7.3 of SignalPro® includes new and enhanced features for 4G wireless network planning. The 4G Network Design Module now includes advanced interference calculation methods as well as Fractional Frequency Reuse and multi-technology support that are critical to planning systems that deliver high data capacity in LTE and WiMAX networks.