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The New, Affordably Priced MIMO Radio Channel Emulator

5 September 2012 - Designed with the practical needs of operator acceptance and performance testing in mind, the EB Propsim FS8 is priced to buy and packaged to ship.

Product benefits and features of EB Propsim FS8 include:

• Space saving with rack mountable compact sized product (6U height frame)
• Improved product quality by realistic, reliable and repeatable testing with accurate and sophisticated MIMO emulation capability
• Easier operator acceptance with ready to run industry standard channel models and configurable propagation scenarios compatible with operator acceptance test cases
• Fast set-up by easy test system integration and convenient remote control interface via GPIB or LAN
• Quick return on investment with affordable pricing and high performance

The FS8 is an ideal tool for 4G LTE product developers and mobile network operators. The ability to easily evaluate true product performance against operator requirements in the laboratory decreases the amount of field testing needed during the product development process, enabling significant bottom-line savings. To tackle the demanding design and verification challenges of 4G products, EB Propsim FS8 emulates the typical channel characteristics that are critical in MIMO product performance - from path loss, multipath fading, delay spread and Doppler spread to polarization and spatial parameters. The FS8 makes it easy to verify key performance indicators such as data throughput and functional conformance tests for LTE mobile devices and chipsets.

The EB Propsim FS8 is now available for shipping! Whether you're ready to order, or would like to learn more about the newest addition to our product family, please contact us and visit EB Propsim product pages.

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