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EB Channel Model Tool for 802.11 Testing

4 October 2012 - The 802.11 channel model tools is the latest software add on application for EB Propsim F8 radio channel emulator. The tool benefits Wi-Fi/WLAN device developers by offering the ability to evaluate and optimize the end product performance in laboratory.

Recent development in the IEEE 802.11 standard has introduced the ac amendment as evolution of the 802.11n for very high data rate to end user devices. 802.11ac addresses the needs of wireless broadband backbone for offices, home multimedia and online gaming. The targeted 1Gbps throughput is achieved by utilizing up to 80MHz BW as mandatory feature combined with high order QAM modulations and MIMO. The testing challenge comes from the wide signal bandwidth, RF fidelity requirement and MIMO radio interface.

EB Propsim with the 802.11 Channel Model Tool is the most comprehensive test solution available for 802.11ac testing. The application includes standard models as defined by IEEE High Throughput Task Group (IEEE 802.11-03/940 & IEEE 802.11-09/0308). 802.11ac standard is loaded with optional features such as multi-user MIMO and beamforming, features that are already supported by EB Propsim F8 thus making it future proof equipment for 802.11 testing.

EB Propsim provides easy setup of the 802.11 n/ac standard based test environment. Accurate and repeatable test environment enable engineers to verify and troubleshoot physical layer operation and evaluate system level end-to-end product performance.

Key features of the tool:

• Selectable model bandwidth 40MHz or 80MHz
• Up to 3 MS's with spatial separation
• Flexible and easy to use antenna array definitions
• IEEE TGn 802.11n modeling tool with A, B, C, D, E and F user scenarios

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