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Boot Camp for Radio Engineers

April 21, 2010 - TeleResources is pleased to announce that it will be offering a comprehensive three-week course intended to provide the vocational training needed to have a successful career in radio planning and optimisation.

The mobile phone industry in Australia has grown at a phenomenal rate in the past ten years. There are now more mobile phones than people and the escalating use of mobile broadband, facilitated by innovations such as the iPhone are stressing the ability of the operators to support the required bandwidth.

Despite this growth graduate engineers find it difficult to secure positions as they lack experience in the processes and the software tools commonly used in the industry.

TeleResources is one of the few independent Australian engineering companies focused on this sector. We are the exclusive distributor of AtollTM the radio planning tool used by large operators such as Telstra and VHA. We are also the provider of SignalTM used by many government and private sector broadcasters and mobile radio networks. Our engineers have been involved in the design of the latest 3G networks as well as emerging technologies such as WiMAX.

For this reason we have often been sought out by under graduates and graduates alike wanting to get experience with our tools. However our ability to provide support for interns has been limited and the value they have obtained from the period spent with us has been heavily dependent on the time we have been able to spare.

Consequently we have decided to offer a more structured program. A program condensed into three intensive weeks where students will get hands on training on the tools used by wireless network operators giving them a competitive advantage when they apply for work. The three weeks may be taken individually or in combination.

The three courses are:

  • Introduction to Practical Radio Network Planning
  • Advanced Radio Network Planning
  • Introduction to Drive/Network Test & Optimisation