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Mobile Commerce 360

Note: This replaces/updates the previous (May 2012) version of this offering.



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Single-user License: $ 9,995 USD
Company-wide License: $ 19,995 USD
Team License (Up to 5 Users): $ 14,685 USD


Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Near Field Communications, Mobile Search, Mobile Value-added Services, M-commerce


Mobile commerce is exploding with applications and services driven by emerging technologies, use cases, and business models. M-commerce is quite different from traditional e-commerce as the ecosystem and value chain are more dynamic and are evolving in a different manner than e-commerce as a whole.

Mobile Commerce 360 is an annual subscription service that provides research, analysis, and advisory services that address a wide range of topics within mobile commerce including advertising, payments, search and discovery, security, emerging technologies, technology transfer, and more. The service includes many research reports within mobile commerce (and related areas such as value-added services, mobile search, and others) as well as customized reports, and consultation. Subscribe for a 360 degree view of mobile commerce!!


  • Mobile network operators
  • Mobile commerce vendors
  • Mobile content and application providers
  • Network infrastructure and service providers

Table of Contents

The following research has been added to this subscription:

As of May 2013, the Mobile Commerce 360 subscription service includes the following reports:

  • Mobile VAS Markets, Applications, and Opportunities - Third Edition
  • Brave New World: Convergence of Broadband, Location and Augmented Reality
  • Next Generation Mobile Marketing: Location, Social Commerce, and Augmented Reality
  • Market Opportunity: Social + LTE + Commerce
  • Google vs. Competitors: Commerce Market - Wallet Systems
  • Mobile Payments: The Market for Travellers, Unbanked, and No/Low Credit Users
  • Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2013: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Google vs Carriers: SWOT Analysis and Future of Telecom and Commerce
  • The Future of Mobile Payments: Continuation of Commerce during Global Economic Crisis
  • Mobile Commerce in Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • The Evolution of Google: Communications, Content, Commerce and Applications 2012-2017
  • Mobile Bar Code Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities, Global Outlook 2012-2017
  • Mobile Commerce Carrier Strategies
  • Computing, Content, Applications, and Commerce in the Cloud: Legacy Network Operator Threats and Opportunities
  • Mobile Commerce Technologies
  • Google in Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Commerce Vendor Analysis 2012
  • Mobile Location Commerce 2012-2017
  • Mobile Commerce 2012
  • Mobile Applications and Widgets: Portable Applications on Mobile Platforms, Fifth Edition
  • Mobile Commerce Market and Forecast 2012 - 2017
  • Next Generation Mobile Commerce: Beyond Cell Phones
  • Mobile Commerce in Public Service: Expanding Beyond Consumer Services
  • Mobile Commerce and Handsets: Identifying Opportunities and Market Potential
  • Mobile Banking: State of the Market and Future Opportunities
  • Mobile Payments: USA Market Analysis
  • Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2012: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Future of Mobile Payment Systems: Rise of the Mobile Wallet 2012-2017
  • Google + Social Commerce: Evaluating Opportunities and Business Issues
  • Mobile Commerce in LTE: The Future of Commerce in 4G and Beyond
  • Top Revenue Mobile Commerce Applications 2011-2016
  • Where is the Money in Near Field Communications?
  • Mobile Local Search 2011 Location-based Search Market
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) Markets: Challenges, Opportunities, and Market Forecast to 2016
  • M-Banking Markets and Opportunities
  • Mobile Proximity and Location Based Advertising within Reach
  • Mobile Wallet: Location-based Commerce and Peer-to-Peer Payments
  • Mobile Marketing & Advertising: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Commerce on the Go: Mobile Payment Systems and Solutions
  • Digital Signatures in Mobile Commerce
  • Local Search Meets Social Search

    Note: We are adding new reports as part of this service all the time !!