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Mobile Commerce 2014


January 2014




Single-user License: $ 1,995 USD
Company-wide License: $ 4,995 USD
Team License (Up to 5 Users): $ 2,995 USD


Mobile Commerce, m-Commerce, Mobile Payments, Person-to-Person Payments, Wireless Commerce, Mobile Wallet, Mobile Shopping, Mobile Commerce Retail Shopping


Engaging in commerce while mobile/wireless involves new technologies, services, and business models. It is quite different from traditional e-commerce. Smartphones, wireless tablets, phablets, wearable wireless, and other mobile devices impose very different constraints than desktop computers. The ecosystem and value chain for mobile commerce is unique and evolving in a different manner than e-commerce as a whole.

Mobile commerce has experienced an explosion of new applications, services, and vendors during 2013. We see this trend accelerating in 2014 and beyond as solutions to optimize mobile payments, banking, shopping, and integrated advertising/commerce are deployed.

The report Mobile Commerce 2014 provides analysis of key technologies, solutions, opportunities and challenges facing the industry. The report identifies key trends and forecasts major areas including payment systems, shopping, virtual goods, and more. The report includes analysis of major vendors, overall market analysis, forecasting, and mobile commerce roadmap.

Purchasers of Mobile Commerce 2014 are entitled to any existing Mind Commerce report within the mobile commerce area including:

  • Market for Mobile Payment Solutions: User Interfaces, Wallets, and Banking 2014-2019
  • Mobile Location-Based Marketing Solutions Analysis and Market Forecast 2013-2018
  • Wireless Solutions to Improve In-store Sales, Optimize Shopper Engagement, and Combat "Showrooming"
  • Mobile Location Commerce 2013-2018

    Others are available upon request.

See Table of Contents for complete list of areas covered.

Target Audience

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Mobile Software Developers
  • OSS/BSS Solution Providers
  • Handset and Tablet Manufacturers
  • Mobile Payment Service Providers
  • Content and Applications Aggregators
  • Wireless Privacy and Security Specialists
  • Mobile Marketing and Advertising Providers
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure Providers

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Topics Covered
  • Key Findings
  • Key Questions Answered
  • Target Audience
  • Companies Mentioned
  • Mobile Commerce Overview
  • Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Mobile ATM
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Mobile Vouchers, Coupons and Loyalty Cards
  • Content Purchasing
  • Information Services
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Brokerage
  • Mobile Online Auctions
  • Physical Goods Purchasing
  • In Application Mobile Payments
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Commerce and Location Based Services
  • Mobile Commerce Social Selling
  • Mobile Commerce Challenges
  • Mobile Commerce Security
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
  • Digital Certificates and Digital Signature
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) Security
  • Mobile Commerce Technologies
  • Mobile Client Device Technologies and Issues
  • Communications Infrastructure Technologies and Issues
  • Local Area Network Technologies
  • Mobile Commerce Applications Analysis
  • The Use of HTML5
  • Hyper Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Mobile OS Challenges to the m-Commerce Applications
  • Mobile Commerce Vendors who are Using HTML5 in their Solutions
  • Usablenet Services
  • Usablenet SWOT
  • Sevenval
  • Moovweb
  • Mobile Commerce Trends 2014-2019
  • Consumer Behaviour in Online Purchasing
  • Location Services and Mobile Commerce Sales
  • Social Selling
  • The Use of Phablets
  • Case Study: Tablets vs Mobile Devices in m-Commerce
  • Virtual Goods and Mobile Commerce
  • Virtual Products
  • Music Purchases
  • Applications Purchases
  • Online Games Virtual Goods Purchases
  • Mobile Ticketing Market Analysis
  • Mobile Commerce Payment Systems
  • Mobile Payment Overview
  • Payment Lifecycle
  • PayPal
  • Serve By American Express
  • V.Me Payments
  • Mobile Commerce Market Analysis 2014-2019
  • Mobile Commerce Roadmap
  • Mobile Commerce in 2010-2012
  • Mobile Commerce in 2013-2014
  • Mobile Commerce Growth Drivers
  • Government Role in Mobile Commerce and Interaction
  • Smartphone Shoppers and Tablets Globally
  • Mind Commerce Case Study: Purchasing through Mobile and Tablets on Social Networks
  • Used Mobile Payments through m-Commerce Applications
  • Mobile Commerce Usage By Country
  • US
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Carriers Share of Mobile Commerce
  • Direct Carriers Billing Market
  • Profit Margin for Carriers from Mobile Commerce Applications
  • Carriers Products Online Ads in Mobile Commerce
  • Mobile Commerce Vendors Analysis
  • Major Vendors
  • Digby
  • Digby Local-point Mobile Platform
  • Digby SWOT Analysis
  • Usablenet
  • Usablenet SWOT
  • Start-up m-Commerce Vendors
  • Sevenval
  • Netbiscuits
  • Global Bay
  • Endec
  • Unbound Commerce
  • Branding Brand
  • Kony Solutions
  • No Need 4 Mirrors
  • Mobile Commerce Vendors Ranking
  • Vendor Ranking Based on Number of Clients
  • Mobile Commerce and Big Data
  • Big Data Impact on the m-Commerce Industry
  • Big Data and Mobile Commerce/Marketing
  • Big Data in Near Field Communication
  • Mobile Commerce in Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Market Assessment of the Use of AR in m-Commerce Applications
  • AR in Commerce Market 2013-2016
  • The Penetration of AR Applications in 2013
  • AR and m-Commerce Trends
  • Case Study: AR in Commerce and Advertising
  • SWOT Analysis for Wearable AR Devices in m-Commerce
  • Mobile Commerce and Shopping
  • Mobile Checkout
  • Keep Form Filling To Bare Minimum
  • Organise the Checkout into Stages
  • Add Progress Step Links or Back Buttons
  • Utilise Familiar Mobile UI Elements
  • Enable Guest Checkouts
  • Offer Quick Payment Options
  • Remove Distractions
  • Provide Security Reassurances
  • Take Advantage of Geolocation
  • Keep It Lightweight
  • Combatting the "Showrooming" Issue
  • Consumers Are in Control
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Which Products are Vulnerable to Showrooming?
  • White Goods
  • Gray Area Products
  • Clothes and Accessories
  • Mobile Is Both a Curse and a Cure for Showrooming
  • Where Are People Using the Mobiles?
  • Mobile Influence
  • Increase in Showrooming Habits
  • Strategies and Solutions to Defeat "Showrooming"
  • Mobile Coupons: In-store Shopping
  • QR Codes 2.0
  • Leverage Online to In-Store
  • Leverage Your e-Commerce Site to Drive In-Store Sales
  • Ways to Use the Web to Store Approach
  • Leverage Your Offline Consumer Experiences Online

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Major WLAN Standards
  • Figure 2: Mobile OS Market Share
  • Figure 3: Use of Mobile Devices in Searching for Products
  • Figure 4: Facebook vs Google+ in Social Selling
  • Figure 5: Location Based Advertising Business Model
  • Figure 6: Phablets
  • Figure 7: US m-Commerce Market 2014-2019
  • Figure 8: Europe m-Commerce Market 2014-2019
  • Figure 9: Asia m-Commerce Market 2014-2019
  • Figure 10: m-Commerce Vendors based on Market Share
  • Figure 11: m-Commerce Vendors based on Number of Clients
  • Figure 12: Big Data and Mobile Commerce
  • Figure 13: Visualise the Checkout Process
  • Figure 14: Mobile Checkout
  • Figure 15: Showrooming
  • Figure 16: Venues where People Use Mobile
  • Figure 17: Mobile Retail Category by Platform
  • Figure 18: Showrooming Habits