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Understanding MIMO OTA testing: Simple Solution to Complex Test

May 27 2010 - MIMO Over-the-Air (OTA) testing is an accurate and cost-effective solution for complex MIMO device testing. EB (Elektrobit) and ETS-Lindgren will present a webinar on June 15, 2010 that explains fundamentals of MIMO OTA testing.

The webinar provides an understanding of system performance and presents the core elements that facilitate systematic and repeatable performance measurement of MIMO devices. The session will highlight not only technical features of the system but also present commercial benefits of this emerging testing technology.

Guest Speakers:

Mr. Janne Kolu, Director, Product Management, Wireless Communications Tools, EB (Elektrobit)

Janne Kolu has over 10 years of experience in wireless industry. He has broad know-how on radio channel modeling and emulation technologies. At EB, he has hold several design and management positions related to the development of radio channel emulator products. Currently he is Director of Product Management and has been deeply involved with the development of MIMO OTA testing solutions. Mr. Janne Kolu earned the MSc. Physics degree.

Mr. Bryan Sayler, Senior Vice-President Systems, ETS-Lindgren, Test and Measurement Division, Cedar Park, Texas

Bryan Sayler has over 20 years experience developing RF test solutions with ETS-Lindgren. He is an active member of, and contributes technically to, the leading wireless industry organizations, including the WiMAX Forum®, CTIA – The Wireless Association® and the Wi-Fi Alliance®. Recently he has devoted his considerable expertise to the development of MIMO OTA testing solutions. He holds a BA degree from Southeastern University and an MBA from Baylor University.


David Vye, – Technical Editor and Business Development Manager, Microwave Journal

David Vye was formerly a product-marketing manager with Ansoft Corp., responsible for high frequency circuit/system design tools and technical marketing communications. He is a 1984 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, with a concentration in microwave engineering. David first joined M/A-COM’s Advanced Semiconductor Operations, developing automated test and active device characterization methods for power GaAs MESFET technology, as well as MMIC design.

In 1987, David joined Raytheon’s research division, where he was responsible for IMPATT diode transmitter development for a number of millimeter-wave applications. Between the years 1994 to 1998, he was a member of the design staff at Raytheon’s Advance Device Center. His responsibilities included circuit development (MMIC) and device modeling for AlInAs/GaInAsInP PHEMT and GaAs HBT technologies.

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