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End-to-End M2M, Third Edition

22 January 2010 - ** No article name 'mcM2M3' found ** M2M is an emerging technology and industry sub-segment poised to change the way that business is conducted, impacting everything from traditional telephony and IT operations to ERP, SCM, public safety, homeland security, and more. Written by Stephen Dye, an industry expert who has actually designed, implemented and operated M2M applications, End-to-End M2M provides invaluable information for anyone seeking to better understand the technology, applications, business and regulatory issues. End-to-End M2M distinguishes itself from other publications on this topic by providing the reader with an understanding of what is M2M, what are the technologies involved in M2M, reasons to use M2M, what are the key M2M applications, the challenges in deploying M2M, and more.