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LTE Real-Time Billing Support Systems (BSS) Operational Issues and Market Opportunities


June 2013




Single-user License: $ 1,995 USD
Company-wide License: $ 4,995 USD
Team License (Up to 5 Users): $ 3,995 USD


Long Term Evolution, LTE, 4G, LTE Billing, LTE Real-time Billing, LTE BSS, Next Generation OSS/BSS


Fourth generation (4G) cellular via the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard is transforming the entire mobile communications ecosystem. One of the profound ways that mobile will never be the same is the wide range of applications that will available that were heretofore impractical due to previous bandwidth constraints. Many of these applications will be video-based, or otherwise requiring real-time QoS as well as real-time billing.

This report includes market analysis of the real-time LTE BSS market, BSS/OSS market as a whole, and several case studies on the use of real-time billing functions in an LTE environment. The research also includes forecasting in several key areas.

See Table of Contents for complete list of areas covered.


  • Mobile network operators
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • OSS/BSS companies of all types
  • Mobile application store companies
  • LTE and OSS/BSS infrastructure providers
  • Application, content, and commerce providers

Report Benefits

  • Forecasts for various aspects of LTE
  • Identify and understand trends in LTE billing
  • Understand driving forces for real-time billing
  • Understand next generation infrastructure such as IMS

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Charging in LTE
  • IP Multimedia System (IMS) Charging
  • Multimedia Sessions
  • Mobile IP
  • Next Generation Networks and LTE
  • LTE Advanced
  • Case Study One: A Day in the Life of a User in the Online Charging (Real-Time)
  • Benefits of the Real-Time Monetization in LTE Environment
  • Real-Time Charging
  • Service Control Point (SCP) and LTE
  • Real-Time Charging for Pre-Paid Services
  • Real-Time Functions for Cloud-Based Applications
  • Benefits for the Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  • Case Study Two: Transforming to Real-Time BSS
  • Business and Technology Drivers for Real-Time BSS
  • Real-Time Billing Support System
  • IMS and the Impact on NGN OSS/BSS
  • Network Planning and Engineering (NPE)
  • Fault Management (FM)
  • Performance Management (PM)
  • IP versus Circuit Switching Migration Challenges
  • Provisioning and Service Activation (PSA)
  • Inventory Management (IM)
  • Real-Time Billing Support System
  • Mediation (MD)
  • Revenue Assurance (RA)
  • The Need for R-T-BSS
  • Challenges for Real-Time BSS
  • OSS Challenges
  • Stakeholder Apprehensions
  • Framework to Integrate Customisation Demands
  • Smooth Transition from Existing OSS Frameworks
  • Multi-Vendor Coordination
  • BSS Challenges
  • Service Delivery Platforms (SDP)
  • TMForum Solution Framework
  • Key NGOSS Terminology
  • TAM
  • Business Process Framework (Formerly ETOM)
  • SID
  • TNA
  • APIS and Interfaces
  • NGOSS Compliance Tests
  • The NGOSS Lifecycle
  • Advantages of LTEOSS
  • Market for Real-Time Billing Support System
  • The Need for Real-Time BSS
  • Overall OSS and BSS Software Market
  • Market Solutions Analysis
  • HP Real-Time BSS Solution
  • SWOT Analysis for the Solution
  • Market Share by Region
  • Global Market
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Real-Time Billing Support System Market Analysis 2013-2018
  • Market by Solution
  • Billing
  • Summary and Recommendations
  • For BSS/OSS Vendors
  • For Carriers and Mobile Virtual Operators (MVNO)
  • Top Vendors Ranking

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Charging sessions
  • Figure 2: Mobile Data Traffic Growth to 2020
  • Figure 3: Worldwide Mobile Data Usage
  • Figure 4: Current Mobile Data Plans
  • Figure 5: LTE Future Data Plans
  • Figure 6: IMS Components
  • Figure 7: Frameworx Schematic
  • Figure 8: NGOSS Schematic
  • Figure 9: eTOM framework
  • Figure 10: Operation Domain
  • Figure 11: SID Business Entity Framework
  • Figure 12: NGOSS Lifecycle Management
  • Figure 13: Global Real Time BSS Software Market Size 2013
  • Figure 14: Market Revenues for Latin America 2013-2018
  • Figure 15: Market Revenues for Asia Pacific Region 2013-2018
  • Figure 16: Market Revenues for Europe 2013-2018
  • Figure 17: Market Revenues for Middle East and Africa 2013-2018
  • Figure 18: Real-Time BSS Market Revenues 2013-2018