LTE Planning and Optimisation Training

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The mobile broadband industry in Australia has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years. Data demand is constantly growing and the availability of new technologies such as HSPA and LTE are escalating the use of mobile broadband. This is being facilitated by innovations such as the Smartphone and tablets, which are stressing the ability of the operators to support the required bandwidth.

Radio network engineers are faced with the challenges that come with a rapid change in technology. A new radio interface such as Long Term Evolution requires a different set of competencies and new tools that are designed to face the challenges of mobile broadband growth and efficient network utilization.

TeleResources is one of the few independent Australian engineering companies focused on this sector. We are the exclusive distributor of Atoll™, the radio planning tool used by large operators such as Telstra and VHA. We are also the provider of Signal™ used by many government and private sector broadcasters and mobile radio networks. Our engineers have been involved in the design of the latest 3G networks as well as emerging technologies such as LTE.

For this reason we have often been sought out by operators, vendors and independent service providers wanting to get experience with our tools and benefit from our global knowledge. Consequently we have decided to offer a structured training program in LTE radio network planning and optimization utilizing the Atoll™ planning tool and the Symena Automatic Cell Planning and optimization tool, Capesso. The program is condensed into a 5 day intensive course where students will get detailed knowledge about the LTE air interface and design methods. To complement this there are practical training exercises on Network Design using the Planning Tool and Automatic Cell Planner. This knowledge of industry leading tools will provide a competitive advantage to Radio Engineers who can readily apply what they have learned and achieve efficiency in their tasks.


  • Working knowledge of GSM, WCDMA network technologies and architecture
  • Working knowledge Cell planning and Optimisation

The benefits that attendees will enjoy include:

  • An introduction to LTE system architecture and air Interface
  • Knowledge of Protocols and radio network functionality of LTE Systems
  • Learn how to plan an efficient LTE radio network
  • Gain a clear understanding of the OFDMA principle and application within LTE
  • Understand the role of MIMO and Adaptive antennas to improve performance in LTE systems
  • Coverage and Capacity planning in LTE systems
  • Detailed planning and analysis using industry leading tool Forsk’s ATOLL ®
  • Optimization and Site Selection through Automatic cell Planning tool Symena Capesso ®
  • Designing and optimising an example network
  • An overview of Initial tuning and Drive Test data analysis for optimization
  • A certificate of completion showing that they have received training covering the design of LTE networks.

Training Fees:

  • $3,000 (including GST for individuals, excluding GST for companies)

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Full details of the course are included in the file that may be downloaded below.

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