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LTE in Middle East and Africa: Market for Services, Devices, and Infrastructure 2013-2017

April 2013

Pages: 56

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Keywords: LTE, Long Term Evolution, 4G, LTE Africa, LTE Middle East


Africa and the Middle East are two of the fastest growing regions in the world for mobile communications and Internet adoption/usage. As of June 2012, Internet penetration in the ME represented approximately 40 % of potential penetration while mobile penetration reaches nearly 100%. In certain countries, mobile Internet is prevalent, such as Saudi Arabia wherein roughly 80% of users have mobile broadband.

The fourth generation (4G) of cellular via the LTE technology represents a huge step forward and opportunity for ME and Africa as it will open the door for many new applications, expanded usage of existing services, and many new user behaviors.

In this report we analyze the future of the LTE market in the Middle East and Africa 2013-2017. The report includes:
• The future of LTE in ME and Africa
• LTE technologies and the drivers for 4G
• Analysis of Middle East and Africa markets and players
• Forecasts for services, devices and infrastructure 2013–2017

See Table of Contents for complete list of areas covered.


  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • ME and Africa mobile network operators
  • Global infrastructure and support service providers
  • Investors in mobile and Internet infrastructure in ME and Africa

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • LTE Technology and Market Overview
  • LTE Advanced
  • LTE Network Intrastructure
  • The Evolution to 4G and Beyond
  • Market Drivers for LTE
  • The Increasing Needs for Higher Data Rates
  • LTE Applications
  • Peak Data Rate
  • Multiple Access Methods
  • OFDM Modulation
  • Random Access Procedure
  • The Rise of Mobile Commerce in the Middle East
  • The Key Market Obstacles for LTE Adoption in the Middle East
  • Device Challenges
  • The Middle East Market Overview
  • A Brief Overview
  • The Middle East Market
  • Africa Market
  • The Players
  • The Consumer
  • The Future of the Market
  • LTE Device Shipments in the Middle East and Africa
  • Device Launches by Frequency Band
  • Device Launches by Vendor
  • Middle East and Africa LTE Subscriptions 2011-2016
  • Middle East and Africa LTE Device Shipment Revenues to 2016
  • Middle East LTE Operator Service Revenues to 2016
  • Middle East Operators LTE Arpus to 2016
  • Middle East LTE Infrastructure and Revenues to 2017
  • LTE Infrastructure Spending by Region and Equipment Category
  • Middle East LTE Radio Access Network Infrastructure Spending by Region and TDD/FDD Category

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Subscribers Growth 2010 to 2015
  • Figure 2: The use of Mobile Internet
  • Figure 3: Worldwide Mobile Data Usage
  • Figure 4: Current Mobile Data Plans
  • Figure 5: LTE Future Data Plans