Selected Engineering Assignments

Engineering Consulting

Assisted a major energy utility to design a radio access network for a smart metering project. Assignment included the production of a high level design covering thousands of square kilometres and hundred of base stations sites. The objective was to meet critical design KPI's while maximising the use of established infrastructure. The project involved assessment of both WiMAX and UMTS as possible radio access technologies. Project later extended to include detailed site design.

Project Governance

TeleResources was engaged by a major mobile carrier to assist them in the evaluation of tenders for a 3G deployment. This led to the establishment of design KPI's for the network and a methodology that reviewed the design and implementation process through to completion. TeleResources test teams were used to verify the performance of the network before commissioning.

Quality of Experience Testing

TeleResources undertook benchmark testing of the end to end performance of mobile handsets accessing selected content across the networks of Australian mobile carriers. Commissioned by a major industry player the tests were carried out in all Australian capital cities over a three month period. The tests measured latency, number of clicks, speed of download and quality.