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EB releases White Paper on testing of MIMO terminals

November 11, 2009 - The performance requirements of new mobile terminals will continue to increase dramatically due to the growing demand for higher data rate applications. to overcome this increased end-user performance requirement, new mobile terminals are being developed utilizing the recent advances in the multi- antenna multiple-Input-multiple-output (mImo) technique. In testing of such mImo mobile terminals, including the antenna effects is crucial in order to ensure end-user quality of service.

mImo over-the-Air (otA) testing is an attractive new testing method that provides the possibility to test the true mobile terminal performance without using artificial cabling in the test setup. All testing is done over the air with the final product components untouched. mImo otA testing is the only way to truly evaluate the end-user experience of the final product, e.g. in terms of data throughput, against realistic radio channel conditions. EB's White Paper discusses this new opportunity and introduces the mImo otA testing method for mImo mobile terminal testing.

A copy of the White Paper may be downloaded from EB's web site