Buddecom Reports


BuddeComm provides expert knowledge and advice on all aspects of the new media (telecommunications, mobile, broadband and broadcasting). The knowledge is acquired via research and analysis of the market. The advice is based on this platform of knowledge, added to the experience gained from association with major businesses in the telecommunications industry all over the world.

Buddecom research is used by most major players in the industry, as well as by the end-users in publishing, banking, resources, retail and government. Customers in 80 countries include all major international management consulting groups and most companies in the Fortune 500 Group.

We offer to you BuddeCom's comprehensive range of research and reports, including:

  • Hundreds of profiles of telecommunications carriers, service providers and equipment suppliers.
  • Details of over 170 countries - plus regional overviews of Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and South Pacific. Content includes: statistics, trends and developments relating to telecommunications, mobiles, broadcasting, cable TV and information highways, Internet and e-commerce.
  • Global statistics, trends and developments in fixed and mobile telecommunication, broadcasting, cable TV and information highways, Internet and e-commerce.
  • Key technology concepts in telecommunications and information highways.

Over 200 technologies are covered - for example, wireless, digital TV, ATM, Frame Relay, Internet, Fax, Datacasting, MMDS, ISDN, multimedia.

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