In order for our clients to make informed decisions they need access to the best information available about advances in technology, movement in markets, and other corporate data.

For more than fifteen years TeleResources has published such information both in our newsletters and through our relationships with local and international analysts.


Paul Budde is Australia's best known analyst and commentator on telecom markets and technological developments in Australia and around the world. Not only is his company's research first class and timely, it is superbly contextual to the complexities of today's modern media and communications technology. He is always extremely generous in sharing his knowledge with others and has a great ability to connect people together and be a thought leader on topics of National interest such as the NBN, FttH and Smart Grids. We have provided links on our web site to the reports he has published related to wireless and mobile markets.

The research provided by BuddeComm, covers 190 countries, 200 technologies and applications, 500 companies and explores important developments in fixed and wireless telecommunications, particularly in the areas of video and digital media, social media and multimedia. It follow infrastructure developments, including intelligent and value-added networks based on telecommunications, broadband and satellite infrastructure. BuddeComm has developed particular expertise in identifying how these new media can be used by organisations to enhance their competitive edge in the market, and how they can be applied in mass markets.

Mind Commerce

Mind Commerce is a global leader in the provision of customized research, consulting, training, and writing services for the telecommunications and IT industry. We make available the most recent of these reports relevant to the interests of our clients.

The Mind Commerce mission is to provide customized research, consulting, training, and writing services for the telecommunications and IT industry within its areas of expertise.

Mind Commerce clients include manufacturers, developers, service providers, industry organizations, and government. Mind Commerce partners include various leading firms in the telecommunications industry.

Mind Commerce differentiates itself from its competition by meeting the unique needs of its clients through customized product development and service delivery.

Signals and Systems Telecom

Signals and Systems Telecom is one of the most foremost market intelligence and consulting firms for the worldwide telecommunications industry, with a particular focus on wireless infrastructure and mobile devices. Developed by leading industry analysts our market intelligence and consultancy services provide unique insights to the global telecommunications industry with information ranging from niche details of mobile handset models to tracking to large network infrastructure contracts and cellular network operator metrics. Whether your focus is strategic decision making, service development, investment or marketing, our services will allow you to make optimal decisions with self-assurance.

Its services portfolio includes:

  • Market Intelligence and Research Reports
  • Market Intelligence Databases
  • Market Research Subscription Services
  • On-site and Remote Consultancy services

We have chosen the reports relevant to our business focus from these sources and provided direct access to this information as a service to our clients.