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Forsk Announces New Atoll Automatic Site Positioning (ASP) Module

29 November 2013 - Forsk announces that a new Automatic Site Positioning (ASP) module is available as part of the Atoll 3.2.1 product portfolio. Atoll ASP is a specialised tool for greenfield deployment analyses. It allows wireless operators to automatically plan new site locations according to surface-wise, traffic-oriented and population-based coverage objectives. Atoll ASP enables operators to accurately evaluate the number of sites needed to reach coverage objectives, and to compare different deployment options and technical alternatives. Atoll ASP predictions are based on Atoll propagation models allowing the same propagation calculations to be used further in the nework design lifecycle.

About Forsk

Forsk is an independent company providing radio planning and optimisation software products since 1987. Atoll, Forsk’s flagship product, is a leading radio planning and optimisation software, with more than 5700 licenses and 300 customers in 100 countries. Forsk markets Atoll through its offices in France, USA, and China as well as through a worldwide network of distributors and partners.