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NowForce emergency app international growth plans

14 March 2012 - NowForce was formed in mid-2008 as a Jerusalem, Israel-based company that develops on-demand emergency response mobile applications. Specifically, through the deployment of the NowForce system on relevant users’ phones, emergency response organizations – in the fire, law enforcement, security and military – can overcome the “last mile problem” – when responders leave their cars or are off-duty, they are suddenly beyond reach and can no longer be part of a planned response.

NowForce addresses this “last mile problem” by employing an SaaS model that runs on responders’ existing GPS-enabled phones, on any mobile platform, as well as on internet browsers. This eliminates the need to purchase additional expensive hardware and, importantly ensures that no matter where you resonders are – in-0vehicle, on foot or off-duty – they are always connected.

“We started off in Israel, in response to a local problem, but we are now present around the globe”, said Assaf Shafran, CEO of NewForce. “A key focus for our technology right now is North America and Europe, but interestingly, we have revenues from emerging territories like Africa, where mobile phone usage has taken off a lot more than anywhere else, and is a lot more relied upon for every day services. We are definitely intent on targeting emerging markets now.”

He points out that the “ambitious growth plans” are, ultimately, the “implementation of its solutions around the globe, more specifically to North and South America, Africa and additional locations such as China and Thailand, for example.”

Interestingly, the company will consider raising additional financing to fund those growth plans, although it prefers relying on sales and organic growth fo fund any expansion.

Shafran says the company has a “three-tier” relationship with its end-users and its OEMs – its partners include Orange franchise Partner Communications Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTNR; TASE; PTNR); Mirs Communications Ltd., Matrix IT Ltd. (TASE:MTRS), Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services, Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT); Spring Inc. (NYSE: S), Motorola Solutions Inc. (NYSE: MSI), and Blackberry maker Research In Motion Inc. (Nasdaq: RIMM) – but is really looking into partnering with distributors and technology integrators to widen the scope of its applications, and diversify the channels it is present in.

In this perspective, two important categories it is seeking to target are directly, emergency service providers (military and law enforcement, for example) and the system integrators that develop crisis management products for them, as well as security companies which can intergrate the NowForce system to their own offering.

NowForce has also developed a “NowForce SOS” system, a 24/7 personal safety solution that enables users in distress to push a designated, secret button on their mobile phone that automatically signals a speciric dispatch center.