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TeleResources partners with Symena for next generation design

January 11, 2010 - TeleResources Engineering is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with Symena that will give our clients access to CAPESSO™, one of the world's leading Automatic Cell Planning tools for next generation LTE deployments.

"We believe CAPESSO will provide a unique solution to some of the demanding problems that our clients are facing as they develop next generation networks," said TeleResources Engineering Managing Director Maurie Dobbin. "We have carefully evaluated the tools on the market and have concluded that CAPESSO was best able to address the complex issues surrounding the optimisation of HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE networks. We consider the tool is complementary to the solutions provided by our existing partners by extending their capabilities particularly in the area of smart antenna systems," Mr Dobbin concluded.

"Symena is pleased to have the opportunity of working with TeleResources in the Australian regional market," said Thomas Neubauer, Managing Director of Symena. "We've been looking for the right company to represent our products for some time and we believe that we have now found a company that has both the market understanding and the technical capability to ensure that our solutions are successful in the Australian region."

CAPESSO delivers UMTS, CDMA, GSM, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, mobile TV (DVB-H, MediaFLO) and LTE plans including; optimized joint planning of multiple networks the analysis and integration of measured data; and planning for the latest multi-dimensionally adjustable antennas. An associated module, Greenfield, is an unparalleled technology for accurate, fast, reliable and highly efficient network dimensioning in the ATOLL radio network planning tool. Some of the key benefits of Greenfield include:

  • Best initial network dimensioning, including minimum number of sites, site locations, initial RF parameter configuration, mast height selection, etc
  • Very large areas planned using realistic sites and parameters in a few minutes
  • Very quick planned deployment along roads, rail lines and rivers considering line of sight and terrain
  • Coverage and capacity consideration
  • Full verification of plan and further processing in ATOLL

About Symena:

Symena’s Capesso™ and Greenfield™ range of automatic cell planning (ACP) and other tools deliver significantly improved coverage, quality and capacity with reduced expenditure. This promise depends on Symena’s leading edge knowledge of the latest standards and technologies combined with deep and extensively tested ACP expertise. Symena’s tools are in use daily at global “tier 1” vendors and operators.