Maurie Dobbin - Managing Director

Maurie Dobbin “[Maurie Dobbin] is our national guru on mobile”
Paul Budde, Principal, Paul Budde Communications

Maurie Dobbin is the founder and Managing Director of TeleResources. He possesses over thirty years of experience in telecommunications markets and is an acknowledged expert in the wireless communications industry.

Mr Dobbin has consulted to many of the world's international telecommunications operators, major manufacturers and government organisations since 1981. Maurie is a frequent speaker at international conferences on topics ranging from business strategy through technology developments to providing superior customer service.

He has led workshops in Cannes, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Warsaw on business planning in mobile communications attended by hundreds of delegates (1995). He has also delivered one-day workshops on Broadband Wireless in New Delhi, and Manila (2007).

Mr Dobbin has many years of experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams engaged in major telecommunications technical studies and projects.

His experience with mobile markets extends back more than twenty years. During that time he was the Wireless Team Leader for Hutchison in their bid to become Australia's second general carrier (Kalori 1991). He also helped develop the marketing plan for Vodafone's successful application to become Australia's third GSM carrier (1992).

He found an operational partner for Escorts Limited of India which enabled them to acquire GSM licences for three regions in that country (1995). He also directed a landmark study for the Australian Communications Authority to investigate digital mobile technologies best (terrestrial and satellite) able to provide a 'reasonably equivalent' service to the analogue AMPS network for rural and remote Australia (1998). The study recommended the implementation of cdmaOne.

Mr Dobbin is an expert in the emerging field of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO's). In 2002 he helped co-found Australia's first Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) which grew to support more than twenty MVNOs and 140,000 retail customers.

In 2008 he helped found a new multimedia digital agency that is working with organisations to deliver mobile strategies that employ vibrant images, audio and video and are based on the immediacy and geo-locational functionality of mobile phone networks.

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