David Vu - Director of Consulting

David Vu Dr David Vu is Director of Consulting, responsible for the consultancy business. He has over 25 years experience working in the telecommunications, business information and finance sectors as well as advanced technology R&D.

He has considerable experience in information and technology analysis, strategy and market development, business planning, market research and network design and implementation. He has worked on numerous projects involving computer systems, satellite, cellular, microwave and mobile data networks. He was instrumental in developing many products in the areas of voice, data, information and financial services.

Since joining TeleResources, David has undertaken a wide range of assignments covering business planning, strategy development, due diligence, market research and technology evolution.

Prior to joining TeleResources, he was with the telecommunications and information services company AAP Group where he held a number of senior positions. In his role as Business Manager, Strategic Products, he was responsible for developing financial information services; as Strategic Development Executive for strategic planning and business development of corporate information services, and as Development Manager for establishing the AAP national communications networks and developing communications products.

David has a Bachelor of Engineering, a Master of Engineering and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of NSW, Sydney. He is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.