GSM-R and ERTMS testing

Together with our partner Comtest Wireless, we can provide testing and measurement solutions for GSM-R telecommunications networks and ERTMS signalling systems, including GSM-R interference testing solutions.

Comtest customers are vendors and operators of GSM-R communication and ERTMS signalling systems. These include rail operators, telecom operators, equipment vendors and government agencies.

Its state-of-the-art active and passive NetProbe monitoring solutions are underpinned by over 10 years’ expertise and experience in railways, signalling, telecoms and IT.

These GSM-R and ETCS test and measurement solutions can be used on-board test trains, operational trains or installed wayside, along the track. These provide customers with the capability to collect data and monitor communications from multiple sources, vendors and types of equipment.

Both ‘attended’ and ‘unattended’ GSM-R and ETCS testing solutions can be supplied.

When the results are compiled, they can be analysed in detail – using a range of standard or customised tools and reports, to meet the customer’s needs. The NetAnalyser software and reporting tools we offer, provide a unique opportunity for operators and vendors working with GSM-R communication and ERTMS signalling systems to have access to an environment where they can manage and analyse the data collected and make better decisions.

We are vendor independent experts. We provide solutions for all stages of rail communication systems performance; from the initial planning stage where monitoring, testing and measurement, and validation are critical, through to installation, operation and maintenance for existing rail systems and networks.