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TeleResources gets COPS on the team

January 13, 2010 - TeleResources is pleased to announce that it has concluded an agreement with Celcite Management Solutions LLC to distribute their innovative Customised Optimisation and Self Performing Solution (COPS). Multiple overlaid technologies present significant challenges to mobile operators substantially increasing the effort and time needed to effectively maintain and operate national networks. COPS is able to leverage network data recording from multiple sources using Mathematical Modelling and Intelligent Correlation (AIC™) to create a paradigm shift from labour intensive data analysis to 'automatic centric' maintenance and operation.

"We're delighted to be able to offer Celcite's solution to our operator clients", said Maurie Dobbin Managing Director of TeleResources. "We listened carefully to the needs of our clients and then went looking for a solution that met those needs. In our opinion COPS delivers the operational efficiencies that operators must have in order to continue to offer attractive products to their consumer customers," Mr Dobbin concluded.

"We're very happy to work with TeleResources," said Ajay Khanna, CTO and Vice President Engineering at Celcite. "We will commit all necessary resources to support their efforts in marketing COPS and we're confident that our partnership will deliver substantial benefits to their mobile operator clients.

About COPS

COPS is a multi-vendor, multi-technology solution, capable of managing a diverse set of data sources through a single unified platform. It combines capabilities of various optimisation tools in a single unified, easy to use platform. It uses Automatic Intelligence Correlation (AICTM) in the form of embedded engineering expertise to provide automatic root cause analysis and executable solutions. The optimiser, can then review all the problem cells in priority order and view ROOT CAUSE analysis, recommendations for resolution and script generation for task completion. For the optimizer, the efficiency is gained from the fact that the network problems are identified and partially resolved BEFORE the day has begun. For the network, the problems are resolved faster and in greater number resulting in better customer experience and quality.

Celcite has also launched Centralized network management center and is remotely managing dual technology network . The Centralized Management Center allows the user to manage, monitor and mitigate all network-related issues from a single window, with just a few clicks. Its ground-breaking capabilities include compliance, audits, neighbor optimization, configuration changes, fault analysis and root cause analysis of network issues. The unified platform also provides suggestions for executable solutions, performance management view, customer trouble ticket resolution and parameter changes.

COPS is already in use with Tier 1 operators - managing in excess of 175,000 sectors for day-to-day network management and optimisation and helping wireless operators achieve greater than 60% operational efficiency, reduced OPEX, better network quality and reduced customer churn

About Celcite

Celcite is the leader in Wireless network Optimisation Solutions, with headquarters in Virginia, USA. Celcite Management Solutions was founded in 2003 and has grown rapidly by providing Wireless Consulting Services & Customized Network Performance Tools to Wireless Operators, with emphasis on timely delivery at optimal pricing.

Celcite has a team of management staff who has extensive experience in the wireless industry by virtue of being part of vendor teams, service providers and telecom consulting companies at different stages in their career – collectively over 110 years telecom engineering experience. We have access to a very qualified pool of talent in the RF, backhaul, BSS Engineering, Project Management and Customized tools development. We take pride in ourselves in bringing the most optimal solution to our clients, in terms of appropriate tools, right skill set, and cost effective approach.