Small Cell, WiFi and DAS Design

TEMS iBuildNet provides end-to-end workflow, project management and optimization of HetNet design, planning and on-site surveys, for indoor and outdoor pedestrian environments.

TEMS iBuildNet is capable of automatically planning and optimizing different RATs, both indoors and outdoors, saving time and reducing complexity and errors, while requiring less skill to operate.

A holistic approach to network performance modeling is essential in the HetNet era. It takes the guesswork out of understanding how layers of a HetNet infrastructure will work together to create the desired customer experience

TEMS iBuildNet enables you to design for optimum subscriber experience. It drastically reduces the number of site visits with a proven simulation accuracy of more than 90%.

  • IntelligentCell Optimisation

Automatic AP location allocation and Tx-power assignment based on given coverage and leakage performance indicators

  • Intelligent Frequency Optimisation

Optimize WiFi channel allocation to each AP based on interference and coverage prediction

  • Intelligent Topology Optimisation

Automatic connections between devices and antennas. Automatic device type and model selection based on optimal antenna Tx-power

  • Coverage and Leakage Analysis

Locate leaking antennas by analyzing coverage and leakage indicators